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德保雪粒有限公司創立於1981年,是全香港最大食用冰粒生產商之一,德保雪粒一向為客戶提供貼身多元化產品及相關的增值服務,產品包括衛生食用冰粒,優質乾冰,環保冰,亦因客戶的需要提供冰雕、冰鮮保存、冷藏運輸、冷藏車租賃等服務, 更致力於保鮮技術的開發,以便保冷新科技能廣泛使用於食品保存,海產保鮮,農副產品及藥物製品之保鮮和保冷運輸。
本公司於2000年代開始利用原有資源和市場網絡,在香港及外地採購, 開發生產及代理“亞農牌”,“宜安牌”, “壽桃”, “東一堂” 及 “金匯味”等系列的食材,副食品和調味品,“以低成本,真材實料”為宗旨,出品優質產品為食市提供一條龍服務。


TURBO ICE COMPANY LIMITED was founded in 1981, is the biggest of Hong Kong's largest edible ice manufacturer, TURBO ICE has always been to provide customers with diversified products and value-added services, including edible ice, high-quality dry ice , jelly ice, and also because of customers need to provide ice carving, chilled preservation, refrigerated transport, refrigerated truck rental services, etc. More committed to the development of preservation technology, the new technology can be widely used in food preservation to cold, fresh seafood, agricultural products and pharmaceutical products fresh and cold transport.
The Company in the 2000s began to use existing resources and markets network in Hong Kong and overseas procurement, development and production and agency "Ah Lung'', " Easy Onward" and "Sau Tao'' series of food and condiments, ''low-cost, real materials" for the purpose, to provide one-stop services produced quality products for the restaurants.

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